Paper Play

Farm Adventure Game

15 min

Vocabulary Vocab:

map, path

Take turns picking cards and navigating to the stars on the map. Be the first person to visit all four animals to win!


  • Game board (printout)
  • 2 character pieces (printout) or small objects like rocks or pennies
  • Cards (printout)
  • Scissors

Before You Play:

  • Print and cut out the game board, character pieces, and cards.
  • Optional: Color in your game board!

How to Play:

  1. Choose a character and place the character pieces on Start.
  2. Shuffle the cards and lay them face down.
  3. Take turns picking a card and moving your character piece along the path to the star shown on the card.
  4. If you get an animal card (cow, pig, duck, or chicken), keep it. If you get any other card, put it in the discard pile. Only keep one of each animal card.
  5. The first person to visit all four animals wins!