Early Math  /   Equipartitioning  /   Week 1: Lesson 1

Week 1: Sharing Collections

Lesson 1

Children share collections of food items and toys equally and play the digital Breakfast Time game.

Circle Time

Cookie Share   
10–15 min.


Close-up of a teacher's hand pointing to paper cut-outs of three Gracie and Friends characters and six cookies spread out on the floor.

Help Gracie and Leo share their cookies.

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Learning Centers

Breakfast Time   
10–15 min. 


Close-up of a child's hands holding an iPad that shows the home screen of the Gracie and Friends Breakfast Time app.

Digital Learning Center: Children divide and share breakfast foods equally among a group of friends.

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Breakfast Share   
10–15 min.


A girl points to paper berries on pretend waffles to count them.

Hands-On Learning Center: Children share paper waffles, yogurt bowls, and berries equally.

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Let's Pack Our Bags!   
5–10 min.


A girl puts a small plastic bottle into a brown paper bag. Other small toys are on the table in front of her.

Hands-On Learning Center: Children share objects equally to make pretend entertainment kits and lunches.

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Equal Sharing Books   
10–15 min.


A preschool boy sits in a chair and turns a page in the book The Doorbell Rang.

Book Corner: Children read books about sharing equally.

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Snack Share   
15–20 min.


A girl reaches out to take a rice cake from a plate on a table. Other plates of snacks are nearby.

Children share their snack foods equally.

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