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Week 2: Sharing Collections & Some Wholes

Lesson 5

Children read Bean Thirteen and play the digital Photo Friends game.

Circle Time

Bean Thirteen   
20 min.


A teacher reads the book Bean Thirteen aloud to a group of preschool children.

In Bean Thirteen, Ralph and Flora try to figure out what to do with the unlucky thirteenth bean that Flora insisted on picking. Help them share their 13 beans equally.

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Two Red Apples   
5–10 min.


A girl holds up two fingers on each hand during a game of Two Red Apples.

Children sing the "Two Red Apples" song.

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Learning Centers

Photo Friends   
10–15 min. 


Close-up of a child's hands holding an iPad with the Gracie and Friends Photo Friends app on-screen.

Digital Learning Center: Children work together to add each other's photos to fun scenes and distribute the same number of items to a group of friends.

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Park Play   
10–15 min. 


A young girl holds an iPad showing the Gracie and Friends Park Play app on-screen.

Digital Learning Center: There is so much to share at the park! Children share apples and hula hoops among friends and divide up pies for birds.

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Breakfast Time   
10–15 min. 


Close-up of a child's hands holding an iPad that shows the home screen of the Gracie and Friends Breakfast Time app.

Digital Learning Center: Children divide and share breakfast foods equally among a group of friends.

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Block Tower   
15 min.


A preschool girl in a blue shirt points to one of two block towers. A child in a red shirt and the teacher watch her count.

Hands-On Learning Center: Children share blocks equally and build towers.

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Park Play Board Game   
15–20 min.


The Park Play Board Game is set up on a table with six red chairs in a preschool classroom.

Hands-On Learning Center: Players move around the board game and solve equal-sharing problems.

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Equal Sharing Books   
10–15 min.


A preschool boy sits in a chair and turns a page in the book The Doorbell Rang.

Book Corner: Children read books about sharing equally.

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Hopscotch Circle   
15–20 min.


A preschool boy in a blue and red outfit jumps above a chalk circle with lines dividing it into slices. A teacher and another child watch.

Children draw a sliced circle with chalk and jump over the slices.

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