Early Math  /   Subitizing  /   Week 1: Lesson 1

Week 1: Simple Subitizing

Lesson 1

Children identify, without counting, the number of dots on paper plates and in the digital Jungle Gym game.

Circle Time

Dot Plates   
5–10 min.


Close-up of a child's hand pointing to a purple dot on the paper Dot Plate his teacher holds.

Children QUICKLY identify or compare the number of dots on a plate.

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Learning Centers

Jungle Gym   
10–15 min. 


The home screen of the Gracie and Friends Jungle Gym app is seen on an iPad, with a young girl's hands nearby.

Digital Learning Center: Children choose and decorate a robot with stickers, then dangle robots with the same number of dots together on the jungle gym.

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Jungle Gym Board Game   
15–20 min.


A preschool teacher and two children play the Jungle Gym Board Game on the carpeted floor.

Hands-On Learning Center: In this board game, children roll a die and then move their robot game pieces across the rungs of a jungle gym to the finish line.

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Subitizing Books   
10–15 min.


An array of subitizing books lie on the table.

Book Corner: Children read subitizing books.

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Bugs on a Rock   
10–15 min.


A teacher holds out a plate of snacks to two young boys.

Children assemble snacks with edible sets of "bugs."

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