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Getting Ready to Teach

This Shadow curriculum supplement is designed for 3 weeks of hands-on and digital (iPad) learning experiences. Let's get ready! Familiarize yourself with the relevant content under Get Ready to Teach Science, review the unit's Learning Objectives and lesson plans. Then, gather the materials listed below and on each activity page, and review the steps for preparing for the unit.

The activities in each lesson can be completed in the time frame that works best for your classroom and schedule, whether all in one day or spread over several days. Each lesson organizes the activities by different times in the daily schedule.

Unit Overview PDF

Before the Unit Begins…

Try Out the Activities

Roll up your sleeves! In addition to familiarizing yourself with the apps and videos, we strongly recommend that you spend time "messing around" with the materials the children will be using in this Shadows unit. Spend time experimenting with how to make different parts of your classroom dark so that shadows can easily be seen. Additionally, try out different light sources and determine which might be best for each activity; check for proximity to electrical outlets if using a projector or lamps that need to be plugged in.

Guided Small Group iPads

Each of the 4 Guided Small Groups will work together for the duration of the Shadows unit and document their activities using a digital Shadows Journal on an iPad. You may want to use a different iPad for each group. This will ensure that there are photos of children's explorations on all iPads for children to revisit and enjoy at the Digital Learning Center.



Download these Early Science apps onto your iPad. Familiarize yourself with each digital game and journal app. Before each use, make sure the iPads are charged and that the volume is adjusted appropriately. If you prefer NOT to use the in-app character audio, turn the iPad volume off.




Other Materials