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Plants Feed Me


Books & Songs

Children listen to and discuss the book Plants Feed Me, by Lizzy Rockwell. They create a salad recipe that includes leaves, roots, fruits, seeds, and stems.

Teacher holds up the book 'Plants Feed Me'. Teacher reads book to students.

Read Plants Feed Me, and pause to discuss the illustrations.

In some plants, we eat the seeds. What tasty seeds do you see here?



  • Plants Feed Me, by Lizzy Rockwell
  • Fresh vegetables — choose examples of produce that come from different plant parts, such as leaves (lettuce or parsley), roots (carrot or radish), stems (celery or asparagus), fruits (cucumber or pepper), and seeds (fresh peas)
  • Chart paper
  • Markers for teacher and children
  • Sticky notes


  1. Familiarize yourself with the pictures and text in Plants Feed Me.


Circle Time: Introduction
  1. Read-aloud. Read Plants Feed Me, by Lizzy Rockwell. Take time to explore the illustrations with the class, encouraging children to name and discuss the fruits and vegetables they see in the pictures.
  2. Plants We Can Eat. Show the fresh vegetables you have brought in (for example: lettuce, parsley, carrot, radish, celery, cucumber, fresh peas). Invite children to think about the foods they eat at home and brainstorm:
    • What part of the plant are we eating when we eat a (carrot, cucumber, pea)?
    • What other roots, fruits, and leaves do we eat?
  3. Tell children that later in the day they will make a tasty salad snack, using vegetables of their choice. (See the Salad Snack activity for details.)
Circle Time: Wrap-Up
  1. Read-aloud. Re-read Plants Feed Me, making connections to the salad snack the class eat earlier.
  2. Our Salad Recipe. Create a group salad recipe using one ingredient from each category: a vegetable that is a leaf, a vegetable that is a root, a vegetable that is a fruit, a vegetable that is a stem, a vegetable that is a seed.
  3. Write the recipe on chart paper.
  4. Draw a picture and write the name of each ingredient.
  5. Draw a large salad bowl at the bottom of the recipe. Have children draw pictures of vegetables on sticky notes, then attach the pictures in the salad bowl.

Length of Play

10 min.

Group Size

Whole Class

In the Schedule

Circle Time: Introduction
Circle Time: Wrap-Up

  • flower
  • fruit
  • leaves
  • observe
  • plants
  • roots
  • seed
  • sort
  • stem
Learning Goals
  • Begin to understand how plants and humans depend on each other.
  • Identify and describe parts of a plant.
  • Sort vegetables into groups based on what part of a plant they are (root, stem, leaf, fruit).