Farmers Market

Farmers Market app screenshot.

Play the Farmers Market game with your child. Can you measure and give each customer the correct size fruit or vegetable they need?

5–15 minutes


Get Ready

Materials you will need:

  • Farmers Market digital game on an iPad
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Household object, such as a baking tray, picture book, or chair
Farmers Market App

Things to do before the activity:

  • Play Farmers Market on your own before playing with your child.
  • Introduction. Choose one of the fruits and vegetables and place it in the basket.
  • Asparagus and Carrot. Measure the height (how tall) of the asparagus and carrots. Align the measuring stick with the bottom of the vegetable. Measure up to the top.
  • Lettuce and Watermelon. Measure the width (how wide) of the lettuces and watermelons. Align the measuring stick with the left side of the vegetable or fruit. Measure across to the other side.
  • Note: The instructions are written to measure the height of a carrot or an asparagus. When you measure a lettuce or watermelon (width), you will measure across the plant from side to side.

A character with a speech bubble and rabbit with a thought bubble.

Wow, fruits come in all different sizes!

How many units wide do you think my watermelon is?


Step 1.

Before you play the game, try measuring a baking tray (or other object). Stand the tray up.

  • Measure height. Hold the measuring tape at the bottom of the tray. Have your child stretch it to the top. How tall is it?
  • Measure width. Hold the measuring tape at one side of the tray. Have your child stretch it across to the other side. How wide is it?

Step 2.

Play the game. Tap the green play button to start. Listen to Nor introduce the game. Together, name the fruits and vegetables at the farmers market.

Step 3.

Choose a fruit or vegetable. Tap on a picture (carrot or asparagus). Together, count the number of carrots or asparagus. Have your child drag each carrot or asparagus into the basket.

Step 4.

Measure how tall. Notice the pulsing measuring stick. At what part of the (carrot/asparagus) do we start measuring the height? Drag and align the measuring stick next to the carrot or asparagus.

  • Start at numeral 1. Have your child move a finger up the measuring stick to the top of the carrot or asparagus. Together, count how many units tall it is.

Step 5.

Check your measurement. Tap the pink “llama” button. Did you measure correctly? If not, keep measuring until you reach the pink dotted line at the top of the carrot or asparagus.

Step 6.

Compare carrots or asparagus. After you measure all the carrots or asparagus correctly, find the one that matches the size each customer needs. Drag it to the customer.

  • Are all the customers happy? Try another fruit or vegetable.

Step 7.

Reminder: Follow the instructions above for measuring how wide the lettuces or watermelons are.

Helpful Tips

  • Provide opportunities for your child to explore measuring plants around your home or neighborhood. Bring a measuring tape while you go about your daily routine. For example:
    • When preparing dinner, measure the height of a celery stalk or the width of a head of broccoli.
    • When walking to the bus, measure the width of a small bush or the height of a dandelion.
    • When at the grocery store, measure the width of a cantaloupe or the height of a potted herb plant.