Coconut Canyon

Coconut Canyon app screenshot.

Play the Coconut Canyon game with your child. Can you choose the textures that will help the coconut reach the crab?

5–10 minutes


Get Ready

Materials you will need:

  • Coconut Canyon digital game on an iPad
  • Optional: Grass sample or thick rug swatch (bumpy), dirt sample or sandpaper (less bumpy), cardboard or picture book cover (smooth)
Coconut Canyon App

Things to do before the activity:

  • Play Coconut Canyon on your own before playing with your child. Notice the levels become progressively more challenging.
  • Introduction. This section introduces the app and the three texture materials (grass, dirt, and metal).
  • Levels 1–2. Bumpy grass texture is used to fill one empty spot on one path.
  • Levels 3–4. Grass and less bumpy dirt textures are used to fill one to two empty spots on one to two paths.
  • Levels 5–12. Grass, dirt, and smooth metal textures are used to fill one to four empty spots on one to two paths.

A character with a speech bubble and crab with a thought bubble.

Our test was successful! We made it to the crab!

Yes, the smooth metal made it go farther!


Step 1.

Before you play the game, test different textures with your child. Rub your palm lightly across a grass patch or thick rug (bumpy), a dirt patch or sandpaper sheet (less bumpy), and a piece of cardboard or a picture book cover (smooth). Talk about how each one feels.

Step 2.

Play the game. Tap the green play button to start. Listen to Nor introduce the game. Have your child trace the path from the coconut to the crab. Notice how many empty spaces you have to fill.

Step 3.

Choose textures. Look at the materials box on the left. What materials can you use? Which material will you use to help the coconut reach the crab?

  • Drag grass, dirt, or metal to the empty spaces on the path and then tap the “crab” button to test your design.

Step 4.

Try again. If your coconut went too far or not far enough, revise your design. Drag the texture back to the materials box and choose another material.

  • Will you try the bumpy or smooth material to help the coconut go (farther/less far)? Press the crab button to test it again.

Step 5.

Do a crab dance! When you have designed a successful solution and the crab catches the coconut, do a celebratory crab dance together! Press the green arrow button and continue to the next level.

Helpful Tips

  • You might want to provide opportunities for your child to explore different textures in your home or outdoors. Encourage your child to describe the movement of each object as it travels on each textured surface. For example:
    • Outdoors, roll a ball down a grassy or dirt hill and a paved path.
    • Have your child slide across a bare floor and a carpeted floor in stocking feet.