Yoga Ramps

Parent and children stretching.

Twist and stretch your bodies together. How many body ramps did you make in each pose?

5–10 minutes


Get Ready

Materials you will need:

  • Small, flat object (such as a block or empty juice box)
  • Cell phone or iPad camera
  • Soft music
  • Yoga Poses Chart PDF
  • Yoga Poses Descriptions PDF
  • Optional: Large sheet of paper and marker
Materials PDF

Things to do before the activity:

  • Read the Yoga Poses Descriptions and practice the poses before doing them with your child. Choose poses that you think your child can do successfully.
  • Print a copy of the Yoga Poses Chart or display it on your iPad or phone. You can also draw the poses on a large sheet of paper if you do not have access to a printer. Hang the poses where your child can see them.

A character with a speech bubble and crab with a thought bubble.

Can you make a ramp with your body?

I can make a really steep ramp!


Step 1.

Sit on the floor with your child. Play some soft music to help you both relax. Look at the Yoga Poses Chart. Point out how the children are stretching their bodies into different poses. Tell your child you are going to make some of the poses together.

Step 2.

Make a ramp with your arm. Hold your arm out straight in front of you. Have your child place a small block or other small, flat object on your arm. Then point your arm down at an angle to make an arm ramp.

  • Point out that a ramp is a surface with one end higher than the other. Which end is higher?
  • Notice how the block moves down your arm ramp.
  • How does the block move differently when my arm is held out flat?

Step 3.

Explore body ramps in a yoga pose. Choose one pose. Point out the body parts in the pose that are making ramps. Count how many ramps are in the pose.

  • How many body ramps are in the (pose name) pose on the chart?

Step 4.

Stretch, twist, and bend your bodies to match poses. Together, choose and make some of the poses. Take turns coming out of each pose to count the ramps you’ve made with that pose. Take pictures of your child’s poses.

  • Notice and compare the number of body ramps in the poses.
  • How many body ramps did you make in this pose? Did you make more in the last pose?
  • Which pose made the most body ramps? The fewest?


Look at the pictures you took. Point out the body ramps in each pose.

  • How do you know that (leg) is making a ramp?
  • Which photos have more than two ramps?
  • Point to your favorite (or least favorite) pose to make. How many ramps are in the pose?