Early Science  /   Plants
Sprouting Seeds

Children plant seeds in plastic sandwich bags and in soil. They observe and document the growth of the seeds by taking photos in their Plants Journal iPad app. The Wonder Farm iPad app supports and extends children's understanding of what a plant needs to grow.

Our Growing Plants

Children continue to observe and care for their seeds and plants, and to document the plants' growth in their digital Plants Journal. Children also explore outdoor plants. The digital game Wonder Farm continues to enrich their understanding of plant growth and plant needs.

Plants We Eat

Children continue to care for, photograph, draw and measure their growing plants. They investigate plants that we eat, answering questions such as, Where are the seeds of an orange? What do the seeds look like? Is a kiwi soft or crunchy? When we eat celery, what part of the plant are we eating?

Learning Objectives
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ALLERGY NOTE: This unit includes activities that use foods. Be aware of your children's allergies, and avoid contact with any problematic foods.