Early Science  /  Ramps
Move It!
Students and teacher watching a boy slide a block.

Children observe how objects move. They explore force, gravity, rolling, sliding, and the affects of an object’s shape.

Ramps & Steepness
Two students rolling items down ramps.

Children explore different ramps. They observe how steepness affects the speed and distance an object will move.

Ramps & Textures
Student playing Coconut Canyon app on iPad.

Children observe how texture affects speed and distance. They build bowling games, and test ramps in the Coconut Star app.

Build Ramps
Teacher and students experimenting with different ramps.

Children build and test ramps and pathways. They build marble runs, and test textures in the Coconut Canyon app.

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SAFETY NOTE: Marbles can be a choking hazard to children. It is important to make sure children understand that they are never to put marbles in their mouths. Monitor children when they are playing with marbles to ensure that they are using them responsibly and safely.