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Nature Scavenger Hunt



Children search outdoors for the items on the Nature Scavenger Hunt list and photograph the items they find: a big leaf, a small leaf, tree roots, two different flowers, and two plants that are the same.

Teacher hands out scavenger hunt materials to students. Students look for scavenger hunt items in nature.

Gather the Nature Scavenger Hunt list, a marker, and an iPad.

The first item we’re looking for is a big leaf.



Materials PDF
  • 1 copy of the Nature Scavenger Hunt (PDF) for each team
  • 1 iPad for each team
  • 1 marker for each team


  1. Find a safe, grassy outdoor area where children can go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt. They will also explore small spaces of ground to discover what sort of living things—plant or animal—are living there, like the children did in the video Exploring Small Spaces.
  2. SAFETY ALERT: Check the areas where you will take children. Look out for traffic, glass and other litter, poison ivy and other plants that can cause rashes, and any bushes with thorns. Be sure to tell children not to touch any plants or critters without first asking an adult.

Directions: Lesson 11


If possible, go outside with several adults, so that children can do the Nature Scavenger Hunt in small teams. Each team will need an iPad, a marker, and a copy of the Nature Scavenger Hunt sheet.

  1. Tell children that the class will be going outside to go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt. They will take photos of the things they find. Show children the Nature Scavenger Hunt sheet and read the list of the things they will be looking for:
    • A big leaf
    • A small leaf
    • Tree roots
    • 2 flowers that are different
    • 2 plants that are the same
  2. Help children take turns using the camera tool on the iPad to take a photo of each item the team finds.
  3. Later, in Our Outdoor Discoveries, you will share these photos with the class.

Length of Play

10–15 min.

Group Size
In the Schedule


  • big
  • different
  • flowers
  • leaf
  • observe
  • plants
  • roots
  • same
  • small
Learning Goals

  • Observe and describe plant parts and their functions.
  • Compare size (big/small).