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Our Outdoor Discoveries



Children reflect on their discoveries as they view photos and videos from the Nature Scavenger Hunt and Let’s Explore a Small Space activities.

Teacher shows students paper from their Nature Scavenger Hunt. Teacher shows students scavenger hunt pictures in app.

Let’s review what we looked for during the Nature Scavenger Hunt.

What did you find?



Materials PDF
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt (PDF)
  • All iPads used in the Nature Scavenger Hunt and Let’s Explore a Small Space outdoor activities
  • Projector (if available)


  1. Preview the photos and videos on all iPads taken outdoors to choose the best candidates to share with the class. For the Nature Scavenger Hunt, show photos of items found by two different teams for each category. For example, find two flowers that are the same or different.
  2. Make two groups of photos: one showing flowers with small (or tiny) leaves and one showing flowers with big leaves. Choose one or two videos of children exploring their small space and responding to an adult’s question.

Directions: Lessons 10, 11

Circle Time: Wrap-Up

The class reviews a selection of photos and videos from the outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt and Let’s Explore a Small Space activities.

  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt review. Draw attention to the Nature Scavenger Hunt sheet and have children recall their experiences going on the scavenger hunt.
  2. Have children compare plants. Read the first item on the list and show two different teams’ photos of flowers with big leaves (each team will have photos on their respective iPads). How are the leaves in the two photos similar? How are they different? Which leaves are bigger?
  3. Explore some or all of the other items on the Nature Scavenger Hunt list in the same way. After you show photos of tree roots, you may want to ask, Can you describe how the tree roots are different from the roots of our bean plants? How are they the same?
  4. Let’s Explore a Small Space review. Connect the iPad with the video you have chosen to the projector, if available. Have children listen and watch to find out what living things their classmates in the video discovered in their small space. Watch other videos you selected. Have children recall additional living things found by their teams.

Length of Play

5–10 min.

Group Size
In the Schedule


  • big
  • compare
  • describe
  • different
  • flowers
  • leaf
  • living things
  • plants (noun)
  • roots
  • same
  • small
Learning Goals

  • Observe and describe plant parts and their functions.
  • Observe and describe characteristics of plants that are associated with them being living things.
  • Compare size (big/small).