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A screenshot from the AR Adventures app shows illustrated images of a young girl, a muddy pig), a barn, and a basket of apples appearing on the app player's real-world kitchen floor and cabinet. Early Math cloud image

In AR Adventures, players can visit a farm and go to a fair right in their own room as they practice spatial thinking! The app uses augmented reality (AR) technology that incorporates characters and scenes onto the player’s real world. Navigate through a farm to pick apples and feed the animals! Visit rides at the fair to get stickers and fill in a map! This app supports children’s math skills like understanding vocabulary for spatial relationships, using maps to plan and follow paths, and making maps to show spatial relationships.

A father and son play the AR Adventures app together in their living room.

AR Adventures is part of the Early Math with Gracie & Friends math-focused preschool curriculum supplement that includes both classroom and at-home resources. AR Adventures and complementary activities for preschool classrooms and families were created as part of a research and development project to explore how AR can support young children’s spatial learning.

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