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An app screenshot with the research question: 'What fruit do we prefer to eat?' The bar graph displays different types of fruits with data in each column. Early Math cloud image

Collect data, create graphs, and analyze your findings in the Preschool Data Toolbox app! Choose one of six investigations with preschool-appropriate research questions, or create your own investigations and turn them into a data story. These data collection and analysis activities help children to engage in meaningful mathematics while developing computational thinking and problem-solving, communication, and inquiry skills.

A teacher holds up an iPad displaying a graph while children gather close together looking at the screen.

Preschool Data Toolbox is part of the Early Math with Gracie & Friends® math-focused preschool curriculum supplement that includes both classroom and at-home resources. Findings from a pilot study suggest that the use of Preschool Data Toolbox and the corresponding hands-on activities has potential for helping preschoolers learn about data collection and analysis.

Early Math with Gracie & Friends® is not just apps! Our research shows the importance of engaging learners in hands-on, non-digital play in the classroom and at home. In fact, for every Gracie & Friends® app, we have created and researched around five hands-on activities! Find the entire curriculum in the digital Teacher’s Guide and explore activities for home in Family Math Fun.

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