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An app screenshot with a watermelon sitting on a wooden table next to a ruler. A flat, cartoon hand demonstrates highlighting the numbers to measure the melon. Early Science cloud

Measure fruits and vegetables so each lovable llama gets the exact size they want! Harvest the fruits and veggies, measure them, and then use that measurement to serve the llama customers at the Farmers Market. With fresh produce for llamas to munch on, and just-in-time measurement scaffolding for early learners, Farmers Market is a charming way to grow math skills while understanding the science of plants. Play in English or Spanish!

A child is sitting at a laminated wood table and playing an iPad displaying the Farmers Market app, which has a carrot and a measuring ruler on it.

Farmers Market is part of a Plants curriculum supplement from Early Science with Nico & Nor® that was rigorously researched and developed specifically for preschool classroom use. Early Science with Nico & Nor® curriculum supplements combine traditional classroom activities with digital learning to promote young children's engagement with age-appropriate science practices and concepts. Explore the Nico & Nor® Early Science Teacher’s Guide and Nico & Nor® Family Science Fun (available in both English and Spanish)!

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