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An app screenshot showing a purple cave wall lit up by a flashlight. A couple squares and rectangles are assembled into a dinosaur-like shape, and it's casting a shadow on the wall behind it. Early Science cloud

Use shapes to block light and make shadows on cave walls! Choose from squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, semi circles, and parallelograms to create just the right object. Then match the mysterious outline on the wall by moving the object to make the shadow bigger or smaller. When the shadow is just the right size and shape, see what the cave drawings reveal! With a magical mysterious cave and the chance to create your own shadows and cave drawing designs, Shadow Cave is a cozy and creative exploration of the math and the science of shadows. Play in English or Spanish!

A child is sitting at a laminated wood table and playing an iPad displaying the Shadow Cave app, which has a rocket-shaped puzzle on it made of smaller pieces.

Shadow Cave is part of a Shadows curriculum supplement from Early Science with Nico & Nor® that was rigorously researched and developed specifically for preschool classroom use. Early Science with Nico & Nor® curriculum supplements combine traditional classroom activities with digital learning to promote young children's engagement with age-appropriate science practices and concepts. Explore the Nico & Nor® Early Science Teacher’s Guide and Nico & Nor® Family Science Fun (available in both English and Spanish)!

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