Our Team

We are public media producers, learning scientists, and researchers collaborating to infuse everything we make with professional educational resource design and knowledge from the research field. We engage in co-design, and bring together the voices of parents, teachers, and children to advance the field's understanding of how best to design and use technology for young children's healthy development. Across projects and over the years, our team has included many amazing contributors.

Development Team at GBH Kids:

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Jeff Bartell, Bharat Battu, Anne Beatty, Kara Brady, Ashley Canales, Genesis De Los Santos, Caz Downing-Bryant, Kenneth Fernandez, Louise Flannery, Heather French, Molly Frey, Kal Gieber, Sienna Haines, Anna Ho, Julia Hrobon, Angela Jorge, Jason Kahn, Lauren Kane, Susan Kong, Sonja Latimore, Chi-Yun Lau, Frank LeClair, Ben Leddy, Kevin Lesniewicz, Mollie Levin, Nolan Manning, Kimberlee Manora, Kelly Marchisio, Ashley Masters, Anne Marie McClain, Gentry Menzel, Natalia Miller, Tacita Morway, Dan Nolan, Gabe Nicholas, Marisa Nopakun, Jillian Orr, Charlotte Park, Ceri Riley, Ayelet Ronen, Anessa Roth, Elly Schottman, Mourvi Sharma, Greg Shea, Sami Simon, Mitch Smith, Danielle Stacey, Amy Stahl, Michael Steadman, Jay Thompson, Amy Tonkonogy, Li Wei, Jolin Yim, Christine Zanchi

Voices of Characters:

Zeynep Başar (Nor, English)

Cecilia Castilho (Nor, English)

Geronimo Castillo (Nico, Spanish)

Sara Hueso (Nor, Spanish)

Matthew Lee (Leo)

Keegan Paradis (Nico, English)

Caleb Ritch (Nico, English)

Amia Zoe Thompson (Gracie)

Music Composition:

Miranda Ellis, Ben Leddy

Design-Based Research Team:

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Digital Promise logo Boston Medical Center logo

Michelle Cerrone, Lindsay Clements, Ximena Dominguez, Paul Goldenberg, Marion Goldstein, Danae Kamdar, Tiffany Leones, Ashley Lewis Presser, Kevin McElhaney, Terri Meade, Ken Rafanan, Kristen Reed, Deborah Rosenfeld, Liliana Ructtinger, Elica Sharifnia, Heather Sherwood, Phil Vahey, Regan Vidiksis, Jessica Young, Barry Zuckerman

External Project Evaluators:

Christine Paulsen, David Reider

Special Thanks

With heartfelt gratitude to our preschool partners, the administration, teachers, parents, and children, including:

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