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A screenshot from the Early Math with Gracie & Friends City Skate app shows a cartoon child wearing a helmet and jumping into the air on a skateboard to collect a group of two red balls. Early Math cloud image

City Skate takes players on a skateboarding adventure through the city to collect party supplies before they’re gone! City Skate helps children develop number sense and prepares them for mental math by focusing on subtizing, a critical and often ignored early math concept. It’s knowing "how many" without having to count.

A preschool girl wearing a jean jacket plays the Early Math with Gracie & Friends City Skate app by tapping the screen to make the character in the app jump.

City Skate is part of the four-game subitizing suite from Early Math with Gracie & Friends, a first-of-its-kind mobile app brand based in early learning sciences, rigorously researched and developed specifically for preschool classroom use. A randomized control trial demonstrated significant learning gains in children who used the Early Math with Gracie & Friends apps.

Early Math with Gracie & Friends is not just apps! Our research shows the importance of engaging learners in hands-on, non-digital play in the classroom and at home. In fact, for every Gracie & Friends app, we have created and researched around five hands-on activities! Find the entire curriculum in the digital Teacher’s Guide and explore activities for home in the Family Fun guide.

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