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An app screenshot with a green field and two patches of berries planted. A flat, cartoon hand demonstrates dragging a piece of fence next to the berries. A small sign says 'Level 1.' Early Science cloud

Design a way to protect the community garden from the bunnies! Choose from a limited number of fences and nets to create a solution that keeps the bunnies from eating all the strawberries. With clever leveling and thoughtful scaffolding, Berry Garden provides a gentle place to practice engineering, while engaging with the science of plants. Play in English or Spanish!

Two children are sitting at a blue table and playing an iPad displaying the Berry Garden app, which has a brown field with two patches of berries planted.

Berry Garden is part of a Plants curriculum supplement from Early Science with Nico & Nor® that was rigorously researched and developed specifically for preschool classroom use. Early Science with Nico & Nor® curriculum supplements combine traditional classroom activities with digital learning to promote young children's engagement with age-appropriate science practices and concepts. Explore the Nico & Nor® Early Science Teacher’s Guide and Nico & Nor® Family Science Fun (available in both English and Spanish)!

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